We encourage anyone to study the scriptures along with us. Below are the messages from our Sunday morning services. You can search for messages by title, passage, topic.

Logos Bible Software

One of the most important things we can do as believers is hear from God in His Word. In my experience, one of the best ways to study God’s Word is with Logos Bible Software. I rely on it for my own ministry, and I believe it will be a great asset to you, as well!

You can just look up a Bible passage or topic, and Logos scours a built-in library of trusted Christian books. Then, it provides links to what you should look at: commentaries, Bible dictionaries, even maps and media!

There is a free edition of Logos that comes with a number of resources. This is a great way to start! Then, as you study, you may find other resources you would like to add to your library.

And if you use the link below to purchase Logos, you will get an exclusive discount. Even better than that, our church will earn 20% of the sale! It’s a great way to come to a deeper understanding of Scripture while also supporting our ministry.

Use this link to purchase Logos Bible Software packages, or individual books.

Members and Regular Attenders of EFBC can talk to the pastors if they would like to get a free copy of a specific translation of the Bible in their Logos Bible Software.

Group studies and Group reading plans are also available in Logos, which we make use of as a church family.

Logos Mobile Apps

The Logos Bible Software app is the mobile version of the world’s leading Bible software. This free download comes with several Bible translations and other resources, and there are more than 100,000 books related to the Bible you can buy through the app.

This app also follows the service, giving you clickable links for scripture references during the message, and events to add to your calendar from the morning announcements. You can then go back to the passages from the message using the app history.

Additionally, built into this app is a prayer list tool which allows you to check off items as you pray each day.

Also available in the app is the ESV audio bible which will allow you to listen to scripture while you work or drive! 

Click here to get started with the Logos App and resources that come free.

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