Our Vision is to be a REAL church.

At EFBC, we want to be a REAL church, not just a congregation. A congregation is a gathering of people, typically once a week, who sit through a ritual service and go home. There may be worship, prayer, bible reading and some teaching. However, it is experienced, and left. A REAL church is so much more.

A REAL church is...

REAL people

A REAL church starts with REAL people. REAL people do not: have it all together (as if anyone does), "put on airs," just put on the 'happy face'. REAL people have real struggles. REAL people have real triumphs! REAL people do not have to hide who they are, or the things with which they are dealing.

REAL life

A REAL church of REAL people get together to share REAL life. REAL life includes the outward circumstances, and the inward realities. The inward realities are how we are interpreting and experiencing all that takes place in and around us.

REAL truth

REAL truth is found in God's Word, the Bible. It reveals our hearts, purpose, goal, and destination. Our REAL purpose is to live to glorify God. Our REAL goal is to become more like Jesus. Our REAL destination is to be with Him for all eternity. REAL truth not only reveals our REAL purpose, goal and destination, but it also reveals how we can realize them in Jesus alone.*

REAL hope

A REAL church finds REAL hope. REAL hope gives us strength to get through our REAL life. REAL hope does not come from common platitudes for living. REAL hope is found as we listen to, love and encourage one another in truth. REAL hope is experienced as we follow Jesus, living in the light of the REAL truth.

A REAL church is a group of REAL people, sharing REAL life, applying REAL truth, and finding REAL hope.

Do you want REAL purpose? REAL hope? Come out and be REAL with us!

*The Bible is God's message to us. It is realistic about life in this world. It is not just an academic book, but rather God's teachings given in the context of other REAL people who went through REAL life and needed to learn His REAL truth. 

As we study the Bible, we learn the REAL truth about our own lives, we learn how sin (disobedience to and turning from God) has wrecked our world, and our lives. 

REAL truth shows us how pain and suffering in this world is all the result of being separated from God by sin. We experience pain and suffering due to our own sin, and as a result of other people's sin. 

Thankfully, the REAL truth doesn't stop there. REAL truth shows how God still loves us, and sent Jesus to die, taking the punishment for our sin, and to rise again, offering us new life, free from the pain and bondage of sin. 

God gives everyone who believes in Jesus (believing He died for their sin and rose to give them new life) REAL purpose, goals and destination: Eternal life knowing and being with God, starting now, and going into all eternity. That REAL truth, is the foundation for REAL hope! 

Do you believe? Contact us for more information.