We believe that God wants to use us to share His good news with others locally, and around the world!

Matthew 28:18-20; Acts 1:8

Since this is Jesus' command, we use a portion of the general offerings each week, as well as Faith-promise * pledges from our church family to support individuals, families and ministries that are involved in spreading this good news locally, and around the world. All-in-all, about 17% of the total of all given to the church supports missions!

We have also supported our own members who go on short-term mission trips to minister to others around the world.

*Faith-promise: Each individual or family asks the Lord how much they should give above their normal giving to the church to directly support for missions in the coming year. They make a promise to give that money toward missions over the next year, and then, over the next year, give that amount as they trust the Lord to provide.


A Note from Bill & Margo Burchell:

Our older son, William Jasper Burchell, was raised in the church and came to know & love our Savior, Jesus Christ, at a young age.  Along with our other son Joe, he was active in our Baptist church, our church’s AWANA Club, and then Word of Life youth group.   Thanks in part to a wonderful youth group staff through  Jr. & Sr. high school, Wil, as he liked to be called, had opportunities to attend summer mission trips to various cities and states.  

He developed a heart for the people of Australia, and during his senior year of high school, he felt the Lord wanted him to go on a Word of Life mission trip to Australia.  The trip was planned for July of 2000, and he raised money to pay for the trip.  Everything was set for him to leave on July 11th for Boot Camp for the trip.  Everyone who knew him was so happy for him knowing how he longed to go there to serve the Lord. 

The Lord, however, had different plans for Wil, and on the evening of July 10th, one day before Boot Camp, he went Home to Heaven as the result of a car accident.  Word of Life gave our family the money back he raised for the mission trip to Australia, and yearly since 2001, we have given money to young people going to school for full time ministry, to people already in ministry, or to other ministries.         

In memory of our son, we would be honored to donate money to buy meat for chicken dinners to raise funds so young people from our church here at EFBC could go on a mission trip.  We believe mission trips are a wonderful way to help young people grow in their walk with Christ and grow closer to their Christian family members.   We hope his life & legacy will continue to touch Christians young and old in God honoring ways just as he did through his 17 years this side of Heaven.