EFBC Missions Around the World!

We believe that God wants to use us in His harvest. We are to go into all the world preaching the gospel--the good news that Jesus came as a man to die for our sins, and rise again, according to the scriptures. His Kingdom around the world!

We use a portion of the general offerings each week, as well as Faith-promise pledges from our church family to support individuals, families and ministries that are involved in spreading this good news locally, and around the world. All-in-all, about 17% of the total of all given to the church supports missions!

Each October is our Missions Month. During this month we hear from missionaries, and collect Faith-promises* to support missions throughout the next year.

*Faith-promises: Each individual or family asks the Lord how much they will be able to give to the church for missions, above their normal giving to the church for the coming year. They make a promise to give that money toward missions over the next year, and trust the Lord to provide.